Conference Program 

Date:  April 6 - 7, 2017 ; Places: Evangelical Academy Transylvania, Sibiu

Thursday, April 6th






11.30 - 13
Welcome & registration of participants

Welcome speech of organizers and guests

Keynote presentation
Vera BUTZ, Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth –
"Between theoretical frameworks and practice: Information literacy at Bayreuth University Library"

Workshop I.
Cristina Ioana ROIU ( Europeana Network Adviser, Romanian Academy Library, Bucharest )
1. From Bikes and Jumping Jacks to digital games - explore the Europe's Art History in Europeana's way
2. Engaging  local communities with their cultural heritage - recent case studies
3. Virtual Canons for Byzantine Iconography- the results of the Byzantion project

Coffee break

Paper presentations
Octavia-Luciana MADGE - Recent Developments in the Information Behaviour of Library Users in Romania
Cristina ALBU - Specific aspects of user satisfaction in the university library
Doina OSTAFE - Next Step for Romanian Libraries Automation
Eva-Nicoleta BURDUSEL - How does one read a book nowadays?
Kiss László - #CicloBiblio2017 - Library and reading promotion campaign




Paper presentations
Daniel VOLOVICI – Fake News and Manipulation: Factors in the War for controlling what We Believe to Be True
Dana SIMIAN, Stancu Mihai, Ralf Fabian - Approaches for automate pattern recognition in digital libraries
Claudia CÎRCIOROABĂ, Mihai STANCU, Daniel I. MORARIU, Daniel VOLOVICI - Part of Speech Tagging in Romanian Texts
Daniel I. MORARIU, Radu G. CREŢULESCU, Macarie BREAZU - The WEKA MultilayerPerceptron Classifier

Workshop II:
1. Prof.univ Dr.Ioana Narcisa CREŢU, Assist.univ.drd.Cristina PÂRVU - Re-thinking library spaces - Group working areas and their impact on library users / Students from "Socio-Umane"

2. LBUS Library Team - Open debate theme: #AllezLitterature – Europeana campaign for promoting the cultural heritage of Europe – proposals for opening new collections

Book release: Liliana Oprescu - Gazeta Telegraful  Român: o valoroasă moștenire informațională


Friday, April 7rd



Paper presentations

Anna TARASOVA ( Key Account Manager, Ex Libris-Sales EMEA ) - Library at a heart of teaching and learning
Gudrun-Liane ITTU - Education first: in old German books …
Constantin ITTU - Traditional means of transportation …
Constantin ITTU, Iuliana GOVOREANU- Barlaam and Josaphat: Intentio Operis, Intentio Lectoris
Rodica VOLOVICI, Elena Marginean, Liliana Oprescu, Ioan Visa - Integrating controlled vocabulary in the institutional Digital Repository
LBUS – Letters and Arts, III SiD Students – Reserved Titles

Conclusions of the 2017 Conference