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Motto: "A single current newspaper contains more written and visual information than the average person in the 17th century was likely to come across in their entire lifetime."

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2014-March: 69.800.000 results (criteria?)
73.700.000 results
2012-May:   53.300.000 results

2011-April:    8.960.000 results
2010-March: 7.500.000 results

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Unesco Information Literacy
UNESCO’s action to provide people with the skills and abilities for critical reception, assessment and use of information and media in their professional and personal lives.

The National Forum on Information Literacy - :
was created in 1989 as a response to the recommendations of the American Library Association's Presidential Committee on Information Literacy.

Information Literacy Weblog

The Information Literacy website

Journal of Information Literacy

Project Information Literacy

 LOEX! where you can find information about and connections to the world of library instruction and information literacy

Information Literacy on Youtube

Information Literacy

Discover Information Literacy
What is Information Literacy? (Otis College)

Information Literacy: What It Is & Who Needs It 

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