Paper format

Original papers, min. 6 - max.10 pages and not published before, will be published, after the reviewing process, in the conference proceedings.

For publishing, we need the .doc document. Please send the final version of your paper in the proceeding format.

Terms: A.
  • Registration deadline (on-line, e-mail)
  • Abstract deadline

(January 30) ,
extended to February 15, 201

  • Full paper deadline

(February 20),
extended to March 15, 2015
  • Publishing acceptance

(March 30)
extended to April 10, 2015

B. For Papers: Summary in English and full paper(s) in English.

C. Instructions for editing:

  Abstract contains: title, autors, membership, contents (up to 300 words)

  Full paper(s)  will have even number of pages, (6-8-10), as directed:

  The templates for the source documents are:  word_template_Sibiu.doc,