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Library Timetable:
Monday - Friday: 8 - 20

and Saturday: 8 - 16

About the Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu


Valer Simion COSMA

Tel: +40-(269) 44.60.77

International relations and the relationship with Erasmus students:
Riana BUCȘĂ,

I. Collections Development Service:
Head of department: Elena MARGINEAN
- Informing-documenting
- Book exchange and loans between libraries

II. Organizing Collections Service
Head of department: Camelia VOLOSCIUC
- Coordination of cataloging, classification and indexing of publications
- Organizing collections in free access shelf system.

III. Bureau Public Relations
Head of department: Amalia MUNTEANU-POP
- Communication of documents and transfer the information to users
- Statistical reports about publications circulation and the users frequency.

IV. Bureau I.T.
Head of department: Ioan VISA, Eng.
- Management of the Library Network, IT Equipments, Library Systems
- Coordinator of Digitisation Projects, Digital Library, Library web site.


Mission :

The central library has the role to create, organize, develop and host cultural-scientific collections of publications from Romania and abroad on all types of documentary supports and to create the necessary informational background necessary to the educational and the research activities.
The qualified staff of the library, competently guide the users to access the sources of knowledge, now with the help of the new modern means of academic research and information, those of the informatic technology.

Short history:

In 1969 was founded in Sibiu the Library of the Higher Education Institute which changed into a University Library in 1990, when the University of Sibiu was created.
Until 2008 when a new building was built (in the complex that houses the Medicine Faculty) the library functioned in different places, among which the Letters and Arts Faculty, the Land Troops Academy
Beginning with 2000, the library received the name of Central Library of the Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu.
The collections of the library enriched every year by acquisitions, by exchange as well as by donations, acquiring an encyclopedic feature, thus succeeding in satisfying the requirements for the domains and the specialties for study, research, documentation of all faculties of the university.

Review-march 2023

L.B.U.S. web site
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The Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Corespondence Address
Victoriei Bvld, nr. 10, 550024, Sibiu
Physical Address:
str. Lucian Blaga nr. 2A, Sibiu
E-mail:; Phone:
0040-269-446077 & 211056