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Library Timetable:
Monday - Friday: 8 - 20

and Saturday: 8 - 16

Europeana Cloud: New Spaces for Sharing Content
( 1 February 2013 - 30 April 2016 )

Europeana Project with the Library of the LBUS participation as data provider. See: Web site of the project.

Europeana Cloud will change the way that data is sent to Europeana, and will give researchers new tools to enrich and use that data.

Our project is working towards a cloud-based infrastructure which will:

Source, prepare and add new data (2.4 million new metadata records and 5 million digital items) to the Cloud infrastructure;
Allow content providers and aggregators to efficiently store, share and provide access to digital cultural heritage;
Give researchers new services and tools, with which they can access, work on and share the content stored in the Cloud.
Enable everyone to feed back enriched data back into the cloud, for use by institutions and researchers alike.

The Library of the LBUS contributes to Europeana with three basic collections :

- Brukenthal National Museum - calendars and journals
(Oldest German Calendars and Journals for eCloud project)

- Sibiu - Historical and multicultural coexistence (Oldest romanian journals and books )

- Sibiu - Hermannstadt - Siebenb├╝rgen, in chronicles and documents (Old Books in german and romanian languages)

All digital collections are available on the local University Digital Library - DSpace repository.

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The Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Corespondence Address
Victoriei Bvld, nr. 10, 550024, Sibiu
Physical Address:
str. Lucian Blaga nr. 2A, Sibiu
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0040-269-446077 si 211056
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