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Library Timetable:
Monday - Friday: 8 - 20

and Saturday: 8 - 16

Online Resources provided by the University Library

Online Catalog - Softlink-Liberty5
- The Library Information System - Soflink Liberty5, was installed in december 2006. The catalog contains all bibliographic resources, over 450,000 bibliographic records, covering the academic fields of the 9 faculties, and also: Library of Evangelical Theology, Center for Ecumenical Research and Cultural Dialogue, Fridrich Teutsch. In the new building there are also Cultural Centers: Deutsche Bibliothek, American Library, British Library, French Library, Spanish Library, Chinese Library, Thai Library.

University Digital Library - DSpace repository - Digital Library contain books scanned for the projects:
- Europeana Libraries 2011-2012
- Europeana Cloud 2013-2016
- Europeana 1914-1918
- #AllezLiterature
The University Digital Library - contain also some university courses, scientific papers, doctoral thesis, ebooks.

Access to the scientific databases
- LBUS has access through the national project Anelis-Plus 2020:
Springerlink, Sciencedirect, Proquest, Oxford Journals, Cambridge Journals, EBSCO Academic ; Thomson Reuters - Web of Science, Scopus.

Online bibliography - access based on institutional email, respecting copyright.

Periodicals - with subscription for 2022

L.B.U.S. web site
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The Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

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