Acces liber la bazele de date Acces Medicine si Access Pharmacy

De la Biblioteca ULBS avem plăcerea să anunțăm deschiderea accesului la bazele de date McGraw-Hill - Access Medicine si Access Pharmacy, până pe 16 aprilie 2021.

Accesarea se face din interiorul rețelei universitare, pe baza de IP instituțional, la adresa web si

What Is AccessMedicine?
AccessMedicine from McGraw-Hill Medical is a comprehensive online medical resource that provides a complete spectrum of knowledge from the best minds in medicine with essential information accessible
Authoritative, trusted, and continuously updated with optimized content for any mobile device, AccessMedicine is guided by a preeminent Advisory Board that includes the medical field’s top academic experts.

AccessMedicine provides medical students with a variety of resources needed to excel in basic science studies and clerkships; helps residents, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with instant access to
videos, self-assessment, and leading medical textbooks that facilitate decision-making at the point-ofcare; and allows practicing physicians to review their medical knowledge to ensure the best patient outcomes.

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