The 8th International Conference on Information Science and Information Literacy

( a VIII-a Conferință Internațională în Ştiinţa Informării şi Cultura Informaţiei )

 Sibiu, 6-7 April 2017


Organized and initiated by The Library of „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, in partnership with University Library of Bayreuth, Evanghelische Akademie Siebenburgen, VISMA Sibiu, Computer Science&Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), the 8th Information Science and Information Literacy Conference took place between 6-7 April, 2017. This edition of the conference was also sustained by Romanian Library Association.

The papers followed the general themes of the conference - Open Science in the Libraries, Libraries & Information Society, Media Literacy - and all the participants took part in workshops, keynote and individual presentations, poster sessions, student forums.
Vera Butz (Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth, Germany) was the keynote speaker, giving a presentation regarding theoretical frameworks and practice - information literacy at Bayreuth University Library, and spoke about information literacy regarding target groups (students, Ph.D. students, pupils) and how they comply with the new German reference frame for information literacy.
Vera Butz is a referent in the Department of African Studies, General Linguistics, and Literary Studies at Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth, she has competencies in English, Ethnology, Classical Philology, Art, Media and Theater Sciences. She is the coordinator of Teaching Library Program and of Digitization activities.

Cristina Ioana Roiu ( Europeana Network Adviser, Romanian Academy Library, Bucharest ) had two presentations about Bikes and Jumping Jacks to digital games - explore the Europe's Art History in Europeana's way and Engaging  local communities with their cultural heritage - recent case studies, bringing into light the most recent Europeana campaigns. Together with LBUS Library Team, also a debate was organized about: #AllezLitterature – Europeana campaign for promoting the cultural heritage of Europe – proposals for opening new collections, followed also by practical demonstrations. Cristina Ioana Roiu is a Bibliographer and Documentary specialist , coordinating the Service Documentation, Analysis and International Marketing of the Romanian Academy Library. Since 2011 is an active collaborator of Europeana - Library, Archives and Museum Digital Europe, coordinating its projects in Romania.

Anna Tarasova (Key Account Manager, Ex Libris-Sales EMEA), our guest, spoke about - Library at a heart of teaching and learning, underlying the solutions proposed for making resources more available and discoverable, to increase their use, and to facilitate collaboration between library staff and teaching colleagues, also for helping libraries extend their reach on campus and become even more strategic and mission critical. “Library strategy calls on us to enable flexible and seamless access to services, resources and learning opportunities, at any time in any location and through any device. This means we have to deliver integrated data and systems that improve processes relevant to the student and staff “, said Anna Tarasova.
PhD. Eng Doina Ostafe ( Suport analist Ex Libris) presented a very comprehensive view of Romanian Libraries and the software used until now for cataloging, digitizing, managing collections, and what will the next steps for automation will be like.

Dr. Cristina Albu (Library Director - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest ) addressed the audience with a research about specific aspects of user satisfaction in the university library.
Kiss László ( Romanian Library Association/Mikes Kelemen Highschool, Sfântu Gheorghe ) had a dynamic presentation about  #CicloBiblio2017  - promoting library and reading through a cycling tour to the fortified churches in Transylvania.

The chairman of the conference was dr. Constantin Ittu - Library of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu and Associate professor at the Letters and Arts.
The team from Engineering Faculty, Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department presented their research focus in several interventions:
- Prof. univ. dr. eng. Daniel Volovici - Fake News and Manipulation: Factors in the War for controlling what We Believe to Be True;
- Conf. univ. dr. eng. Daniel I. Morariu, Sef lucr. dr. math.. Radu G. Creţulescu, Conf. univ. dr. eng..Macarie Breazu - The WEKA Multilayer Perceptron Classifier;
- Claudia Cîrcioroabă, Mihai Stancu, Conf. univ. dr.eng.Daniel I. Morariu, Prof. univ.dr.eng. Daniel Volovici - Part of Speech Tagging in Romanian Texts.

The Faculty of Sciences was represented by Prof.dr Dana Simian, Stancu Mihai, Ralf Fabian with the  research Approaches for automate pattern recognition in digital libraries.
The participants also took part in the workshop Re-thinking library spaces - Group working areas and their impact on library users, held by Prof.univ. dr. Ioana Narcisa Creţu - LBUS - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences  and Assist.univ.drd. Cristina Pârvu- Library of LBUS/Faculty of Letters and Arts-Romance Studies department together with students from Journalism, Public Relations & Information and Documentation Science Departments.

The ULBS Team - Lect.dr Rodica Volovici, Ioan Visa, Elena Marginean, Liliana Oprescu, Dr.Constantin Ittu, Dr.Gudrun-Liane Ittu, Iuliana Govoreanu-Constantinescu presented their main research and projects developed : Integrating controlled vocabulary in the institutional Digital Repository. Case study: Digital Collections of the LBUS Library ; Education first: in old German books: Rudolf Wilhelm Zobel, About the education of girls; Traditional means of transportation: from traditional to digital literacy; Barlaam and Josaphat: Intentio Operis, Intentio Lectoris.

An important event was the book presentation held Thursday, April 6  - Transliterated editions of Romanian Telegraph during January-August 1853, published at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu Publishing House and Andreiana Archdiocese Sibiu Publishing House, coordinated by Lect.univ.dr. Rodica Volovici and transliterated by Liliana Oprescu from Cyrillic.
The book presentation was attended by His Eminence Prof. Dr. Laurenţiu Streza,  Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Transylvania, cultural adviser to the Archdiocese of Sibiu, lect. univ. dr. Emanuel Tăvală, Dean of Evangelical Deanery of Sibiu, Dietrich Galter, academics, cultural personalities and students.
In his speech, Dietrich Galter stressed the role that had Romanian Telegraph and Kirchlichen Blätter publications appeared in the nineteenth century in Sibiu, in the Orthodox and evangelical clergy and laity in the information in Transylvania. "Both churches are perceived and still perceive themselves as having an important socio-cultural mission. Within this perception appears at approximately the same time the two Churches idea of a periodical dedicated to informing clergy and laity. The emergence of these ideas is related to two exemplary figures of the two Churches: Metropolitan Andrei Şaguna and Ştefan Ludwig Roth."said Dietrich Galter.
His Eminence Prof. Dr. Laurenţiu Streza revealed in his speech the key role that Holy Hierarch Andrei Şaguna, Metropolitan of Transylvania had regarding appearance Romanian Telegraph, a publication which greatly contributed to the emancipation of Romanian people in Transylvania. Later, the bishop stressed the special place it occupies among Romanian publications, the oldest of those published without interruption. "You find here speeches, sermons, moral advice, articles on the spiritual character. It was and is an act of manifestation of culture, spirituality, spiritual nation and desire to promote us all together in unity, living together after God's ordinance. Thanks to all the people who worked hard and now they can feel the weight of work, the joy of achievement, "said the bishop.

The 8th International Conference in Information Science and Information Literacy Sibiu, 6-7 April 2017 was a success, a symbiotic synthesis between specific fields of interest, a meeting point for specialists in various research domains.

Deschiderea conferintei

Vera Butz - Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth

Anna TARASOVA ( Key Account Manager, Ex Libris-Sales EMEA )