The 10th International Conference on "Information Science and  Information Literacy"
Sibiu, 10-11 April 2019


The 10th International Conference on "Information Science and Information Literacy" was organized by The Library of "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, in partnership with University Library of Bayreuth, Germany, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany, The Engineering Faculty – Computer Science and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, The Faculty of Letters and Arts, with the support of VISMA Sibiu, Continental Sibiu, Evangelische Akademie Siebenbürgen, Softlink Central Europe, the Romanian Library Association.

This conference stands for a major event that gives the specialists in librarianship, information science, data management and digital resources the great opportunity to meet in a friendly and proficient atmosphere.
The special guests who honored us with their presence were: Prof. dr. Werner Schaal, Philipps Universität Marburg and honorary president of LBUS between 2000-2012, Dr. Andrea Wolff-Wölk, Library Director - Phillips Universität Marburg, Ralf Brugbauer, Library Director - University of Bayreuth, Dr. Marta Grabowska, Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Ioana Cismas, Senior Lecturer, York Law School & Centre for Applied Human Rights, York, United Kingdom.
The topics debated were framed in the following thematic areas: Open Science in the Libraries, Libraries and Information Society, Social Media and Library.

The first keynote speaker was Dr. Ioana Cismas (Senior Lecturer, York Law School & Centre for Applied Human Rights, York, UK), who lectured in the area of international law and international human rights law. The following keynote presentation belonged to Dr. Diana Müller and Tobias Müllerleile (The Library of Philipps University of Marburg), "Digital Services for Research Support at Marburg University Library". Prof.univ.dr. Horațiu Dragomirescu (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies) whose presentation referred to economics of information as constituent part of Information Science was, also, keynote speaker.

The chairs of the conference were Prof. UW dr hab. Marta Grabowska (Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw) and Prof.univ.dr. Horațiu Dragomirescu (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies). Library and Information Science vis-a-vis Web Science was the presentation of the guest speaker, Prof. UW dr hab. Marta Grabowska and the paper presentations session covered the following topics: research data management from the RDI community ( PhD. Nelly Turcan, PhD Andrei Rusu, Rodica Cujba, Moldova State University ); the future of librarianship and the need to develop new skills for digital curation (Nicolaie Constantinescu); the library as an actor in civic education for the academic community (Prof.univ.dr. Ioana Narcisa Cretu, Assist.univ.drd. Cristina Parvu, ULB Sibiu); how to identify predatory publications (Mihai Constantinescu, (PhDc, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters); the Digital Risks in LBUS Library (Elena Marginean, Ioan Visa, Dr. Rodica Volovici, The Library of the “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu); the Europeana Collections (Ana Maria Roman-Negoi, PhD, “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia) and using them as auxiliary materials in the educational process (Cristina Ioana Roiu, Europeana Network Councillor, Romanian Academy Library); Sibiu, as European Region of Gastronomy 2019 (Dr. Gudrun-Liane Ittu, Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu) and the history of fine cuisine (Dr. Constantin Ittu, Library of the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu).

On the second day of the conference the papers presented referred to: graph-based recommendation generation system for library users (Gheorghe-Catalin Crisan, Prof. dr. Dana Simian, Faculty of Science); semantic search using sparse distributed representations (Mihai-Dorian Stancu, Prof. dr. Dana Simian, Faculty of Science); DBSCAN algorithm for document clustering (Conf.dr. Radu G. Cretulescu, Daniel I. Morariu, Macarie Breazu, Daniel Volovici, Faculty of Engineering); understanding Romanian texts by using gamification methods (Stefania-Eliza Berghia, Bogdan Pahomi, Daniel Volovici).

At the conference was, also, held the meeting of the Information Culture Section of the Romanian Library Association. The section was led by Prof.univ.dr. Angela Repanovici, ("Transilvania" University Brasov) and the following topics have been approached: copyright in digital media; copyright in the context of research and education (Nicolaie Constantinescu); Creative Commons licenses and their use for resources held by cultural memory institutions (Lect.univ.dr. Robert Coravu, Bucharest University); copyright literacy survey: Romanian results (Prof.univ.dr. Angela Repanovici, Lect.univ.dr. Robert Coravu).

The 10th International Conference on Information Science and Information Literacy had been highly appreciated, it has become a reference event in the information science landscape as it is the only conference of this specialty in Romania that resisted in time and maintained its continuity.

The Organizing Committee