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Periodical publications with subscription in 2024
( with online access and in print, foreign and Romanian formats )

Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu subscribes annually to periodical publications in print format, and some of them benefit from electronic subscription and can be accessed online from any computer in the university network.

I. External publications

Field: Foreign Literature

Critical Inquiry - is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal devoted to the best critical thought in the arts and humanities, frequency: 4 issues/year, ISSN: 0093-1896, 2022 JCR Impact Factor: 1.7

English: The Journal of the English Association - is an internationally known journal of literary criticism, published on behalf of The English Association, Print of Oxford University Press: ISSN 0013-8215

Comparative literature Studies - publishes critical comparative essays on literature, cultural production, the relationship between aesthetics and political thought, and histories and philosophies of form across the world, ISSN 1528-4212

New Left Review - analyses world politics, the global economy, state powers and protest movements; contemporary social theory, history and philosophy; cinema, literature, heterodox art and aesthetics; A 160-page journal published every two months from London, ISSN online 2044-0480

Narrative (format print), narrative journal, covers novel theory and interpretation, short story, narrative poetry, history, biography, autobiography, memoir, film, television, journalism, ISSN 1063-3685

New Literary History (format print), asks questions of theory, method, interpretation and literary history, provokes debates on the relationships between literary and cultural texts and present needs, ISSN 0028-6087

Studies in the Novel (format print), University of North Texas quarterly publication of excellence in novel criticism by established and emerging novelists from around the world, from all interpretive approaches, ISSN 0039-3827

London Review of Books (format print) - is Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas.
The New York Review of Books (format print) - is a bi-monthly culture magazine that contains articles on literature, culture, economics, science and various other current topics
TLS-Times Literary Supplement (format print) - is a weekly literary review published in London by News UK, a subsidiary of News Corp.
World Literature Studies (format print), open access academic journal published quarterly by the Institute of World Literature, Slovak Academy of Sciences, ISSN 1337-9275

Langue Francaise: Revue Trimestrielle - format print: etaj 3

Litterature (format print: etaj 3) - literary and linguistic magazine, with a frequency of 4 issues per year, offers critical reflections on the invention of ancient and contemporary literary forms. At the crossroads of the humanities and the arts, also focusing on the history of ideas, ISSN 0047-4800

Le magazine Litteraire (format print: etaj 3) - literary and linguistic magazine, appears monthly in French, publishes abundant literary news: interviews, reviews, takes you into the privacy of writers capable of making you understand the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow, ISSN 0024-9807.

Science et Avenir - La Recherche - Toute l'actualité scientifique est sur : sciences naturelles, sciences humaines, environnement, archéologie, exploration spatiale...

Journal of World Literature Studies (format print: etaj 2) - the journal aspires to bring together scholars interested in the development of the concept of World Literature and to provide the most suitable medium for contributions from all literary traditions of the world, ISSN 2405-6472

Zeitschrift fur Germanistik - Neue Folge - the magazine considers itself a forum for German international studies. Edited by well-known representatives of German literary studies, it is editorially linked to the Institute for German Literature at the Humboldt University of Berlin, ISSN 0323-7982

- Deutsche Sprache - format print: etaj 3
Der Spiegel (format print) - is a German weekly magazine of political, economic, cultural news, report and commentary and essays founded in 1947 in Hanover.

Die Zeit (format print) - Die Zeit (Time) is a weekly publication in Germany.

Byzantinische Zeitschrift - is the leading journal in the field of Byzantine Studies, it publishes articles and reviews on all aspects of Byzantine literature, history, society, and culture, Online ISSN: 1868-9027

International Arts Manager - is the only global magazine for performing arts professionals,

Alternatives theatrales - format print - etaj 2

Cahier du Cinema - format print: etaj 2

Journal of Romanian Studies – print+online

Field: Sociology
Central European History, 2024 subscription, is the main venue for academic exchange and debate on the diverse and complex history of Central Europe, four issues per year, ISSN 0008-9389.

Communist and Post-Communist Studies - is an international scientific journal that presents comparative research on current and historical developments in the communist and post-communist world, ISSN 1873-6920

Journal of the Institute of Conservation - is the peer reviewed publication of the Institute of Conservation (Icon), its aims reflect those of Icon, to advance knowledge and education in conservation and achieve the long term preservation and conservation of moveable and immoveable cultural heritage.

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation - is the primary vehicle of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) for the publication of peer-reviewed technical studies, research papers, treatment case studies, and ethics and standards discussions relating to the broad field of conservation and preservation of historic and cultural works

European Psychologist: Official Organ of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) - format print: etaj 4 - is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal within the field of psychology.

Jacobin - is an American political magazine based in New York. It offers socialist perspectives on politics, economics and culture. ISSN 2158-2602

Field: Religion
Contacts – Revue francaise de l’Orthodoxie - format print: B. Teologie

Orientalia Christiana Periodica (OCP) (format print: B.Teologie) - two issues per year, contains articles, notes, and book reviews about the Christian East, and everything related to the theology, history, patrology, liturgy, archeology and canon law of the Christian East

Vigilae Christianae: A Review of Early Christian Life and Language - contains articles and short notes of an historical, cultural, linguistic or philological nature on early Christian literature written after the New Testament, as well as on Christian epigraphy and archaeology.

Field: Law
European Labour Law Journal - is a peer reviewed academic journal in the area of European labour law and social policy

International Labour Review - (ILR) is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of international scope in labour and employment studies

Revue critique de droit international privé (format print: etaj 4)- publishes doctrinal articles, chronicles, jurisprudence decisions, on matters of nationality, the condition of foreigners, conflicts of law, conflicts of jurisdiction and even the European Union, ISSN 0035-0958

Revue Generale de Droit International Public - with content determined by current events in international life, ISSN 0373-6156

Revue internationale de droit comparé - is the only general review of comparative law published in France, it provides jurists of all specialties and in all countries with ongoing information on the evolution of legal science in France and abroad, both from a doctrinal and practical point of view, ISSN 0035-3337

Revue Lamy Droit Civil - presents and analyzes the latest developments in contract law, liability, assets, securities, civil procedure and enforcement, ISSN 1768-4099

Revue trimestrielle de droit civil - the quarterly reassessment of civil law covers all areas of civil law and private judicial law, ISSN 0397-9873

Revue Trimestrielle des Droits de l’Homme - is the reference journal on fundamental rights, it provides an in-depth and critical analysis of international and national jurisprudence, ISSN 0777-3579

Gazette du Palais (3 numéros / semaine) - un panorama enrichi de l’actualité de la profession; des analyses juridiques réactives de professionnels renommés

Petites affiches - monthly publication of independent information and reflection in all areas of law, with articles of doctrine and jurisprudence written by renowned academics and practitioners, ISSN: 1626-0007

Recueil Dalloz Sirey - weekly journal of doctrine, jurisprudence and legislation, the biggest names in law select and analyze case law and reflect on emerging issues, ISSN 1760785X

Revue des contrats - provides expert insight and practical insight into the latest developments in contract law: common contract law - special contracts - international contracts - contracts and other law, ISSN: 1963-1758

Semaine Juridique – Edition International (format print: etaj 4) - is the weekly reference for the legal professions in the form of free discussion, quick introduction, interview, portrait, probej.

Field: Medicine
Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine - with more than 50 years of publishing history, the journal is as one of the leading academic oral disease and surgery journals. Each year, we publish 10 issues of original clinical, diagnostic or experimental work in oral pathology and oral medicine.

Annales de Biologie Clinique (format print: etaj 1) - the official journal of the French Society of Clinical Biology (SFBC), supports biologists in areas including continuing education, laboratory accreditation and technique validation.

Field: Computer Science
IEEE Transactions on Computers Online - IEEE Xplore is the flagship digital platform for discovery and access to scientific and technical content published by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. IEEE Xplore contains more than 6 million documents and other materials from some of the world's most cited publications in electrical engineering, computer science, and related sciences.
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing - covers novel theory, algorithms, and architectures for the formation, capture, processing, communication, analysis, and display of images, video, and multidimensional signals in a wide variety of applications.
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery - embraces innovations in electric apparatus for power delivery with a main focus on power transmission and distribution components.
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems - covers the education, analysis, operation, planning, and economics of electric generation, transmission, and distribution systems for general industrial, commercial, public, and domestic consumption, including the interaction with multi-energy carriers
IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence - is a multidisciplinary journal publishing papers on theories and methodologies of Artificial Intelligence. Applications of Artificial Intelligence are also considered.
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
Journal of Web Engineering - provides a forum for advancing the scientific state of knowledge in all areas of Web Engineering.

Field: Agricultural Sciences
Food Science and Technology: Journal of the Institute of Food Science and Technology - format print: etaj 1
Journal of the Institute of Brewing

Field: Economics
The Economist - From its beginnings in 1843, when The Economist newspaper was founded by a Scottish hat manufacturer to further the cause of free trade, The Economist Group has evolved into a staunchly independent global media and information-services company with intelligent brands for an international audience.

Bloomberg Businessweek Europe Edition - delivers business insights with surprising and timely insights into today's most important issues, the new reality and how to thrive in the global economy

Financial Times Europe - is one of the world’s leading news organisations, recognised internationally for its authority, integrity and accuracy, ISSN 0307-1766.

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II. Romanian publications

Field: Law - format print: etaj 4
Caiete de drept penal - published by Universul Juridic Publishing House with a quarterly periodicity and importance for the field of legal sciences. Indexed in the databases : EBSCO, ErihPlus, Hein-Online, ISSN 1841-6047

Curierul Judiciar - offers jurists - magistrates, lawyers, notaries or advisers - up-to-date information from all areas of law, studies and comments on judicial practice, summaries of jurisprudence and relevant legislative news. Edited by C.H. Publishing House. Beck with a frequency of 12 issues/year, ISSN 1582-7586

Dreptul - edited by the Union of Jurists from Romania, a monthly publication of judicial doctrine and practice, which debates major issues in the main branches of law, new normative acts are brought to attention and commented on, ISSN 1018-0435

Revista de Drept Public
Revista Română de Drept al Afacerilor
Revista Română de Drept European
Revista Română de drept privat
Revista Română de dreptul muncii
Revista Română de dreptul proprietății intelectuale
Noua Revistă de Drepturile Omului
Revista pandectele române
Monitorul Oficial, Partea I, III, V, VI varianta Autentic Monitor -

Economie - print: etaj 4
Revista de achiziții publice
Revista de Management și Inginerie economică / Review of Management and Economic Engineering

Viața Medicală - print: etaj 1
Revista de asistență socială

St.Agricole - print: etaj 1
Ferma - the magazine contains information from the agro-zootechnical field, agricultural technologies, reports, interviews, opinions and agricultural legislation, ISSN 1454-7732
Profitul agricol

Familia ortodoxă - format print: B.Teologie
Teatrul azi- print: etaj 2

Revue Roumaine de Philosophie
Lumea magazin
Magazin istoric
Memoria : Revista gândirii arestate
Abonament general la standardele adoptate în 2024 - format print: etaj 1

Date: January 2024

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